Terms Of Sale (Horses) horses for sale


Deposits & Vet Checks

A $300 Non Refundable deposit will hold a horse for 7 day and will go towards the purchase price. They are non refundable but transferable to another horse for up to 60 days.

Vet Checks Always Welcomed At Buyers Expense, Before Purchase!

We DO NOT hold a horse WITHOUT a deposit being placed on said horse, as we have had no shows in the past. If you want to make sure said horse is still here in a few days or a week, then we do except deposits. (Now with that being said if you have left your house and are in route and you let us know you are in route with money, we will hold said horse till you get here and let you have first option to buy. )

Plan A (Horses $2000 & Over)

These horses come with a 1 week trial period. We DO NOT refund money, but we will swap out for another horse of equal or lesser value. If you want a horse of a greater value, you will have to pay the difference on the 2 horses. They must come back in the same or better condition as they left in and can not have hoofs trimmed/shoed or have the mane or tails cut or trimmed. 

Plan B (Horses $1200 To Under $2000)

These horses have a 24 hour return policy. We will swap the horse for another horse of equal or lesser value. They must come back in the same or better condition as they left in and can not be trimmed, shoed or have the mane or tail trimmed or be altered in anyway.

Plan C (Prospect Horse, Rescue Horse Or Horses Under $1200)

These horses sale as is and come with NO GUARANTEES AT ALL!

Things That Void Returns

If we do no recommend a horse for particular use, riding skill or do not recommend horse for a buyer the return policy is null and voided.

If we negotiates on price, you are purchasing the horse as is with NO Exchange. (No Exchanges unless you pay the asking price.)

If you cut the mane, tail, trim the hoofs or cute anything off said horse the exchange is null and void. If you bring the horse back in anything but the same or better condition the exchange is null and void. If you let the horse get hurt, cut or beat up by another horse or person the exchange is null and Void. 

Delivery, Transportation And Liability

All Shipping And Hauling is the Responsibility of the buyer. We will provide a coggins on every horse, but health certificates are on the buyer. We can haul the horse to the vet for an additional $75 plus whatever the health Certificate and or vet costs are. We can provide #s to horse haulers. We do offer hauling for $2.50 a loaded mile. 

 We are not responsible for any injuries, sickness, death of said animals left on property after being purchased. They will have fresh water, hay, alfalfa and grained daily while in our care. Buyer is responsible for any and all vet bills that may come up after purchase.   

Terms Of Sale (Cattle)


Guarantee On Cattle

All cattle sales are final! No Guarantees! Sold AS IS!

Leasing Roping Steers